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I’d drifted through the Dutch cities—Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam—sleeping in shelters and hostels. Before some of these places opened for the night, we’d waited in the train stations and sometimes on the streets. Heeft u geld? Drugs? It was foolhardy, but my eighteen-year-old self was fearless, and I live to tell the tale.

I wrote the story from those memories, of the people I’d lost. They’ve inspired me with their deep flaws, and their hope for love and acceptance.

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A tragedy

I thought about someone I knew today. Her name was Georgina Ellis and she used to be my neighbour in Manchester. Now, G was the daughter of Ruth Ellis, who was the last woman to hang in England, for a ‘crime of passion’. I remember Georgina died quite young. I looked her up, and yes, she was only 50. At least she died of a natural cause. Her half-brother, who also had a terrible upbringing, killed himself when he was only 37 after damaging his mum’s grave.
I was young. I didn’t exactly talk to my neighbour much, and she was busy running a massage parlour! All I can say is: what a tragedy. 

Liam For Hire

Eighteen months after Sasha left me.

In my dingy bedsit room, I get ready to go to my appointment. It’s going to be someone new. I consider my skinny jeans and tight shirt in the mirror. I often wonder what the johns see when they meet me the first time. I’m not what you call a stunner but good looking enough. I have dark hair, pale skin and thin lips; a few freckles make me appear a little younger than my age. It costs to keep my hair under some control but I have to do it for the sake of my job. My Old Spice deo. Shit, where is it? Found. I give myself a once over before heading out to face the world.

Forthcoming, featuring Liam from The Boy Who Fell to Earth