Autism Awareness

A Childhood Toy

I have a pretty high AQ even though I am not on the ASD spectrum. I am also a bit of a board game geek. It has to be the reason that certain types of games appeal to me above others. So, the childhood toy I have chosen to write about is for the older kid: Mastermind. My family had one of the original with the slightly creepy couple on the cover! It’s a code-breaking game between two players. The problem-solver has to work out the colours and the order of four pegs through the clues given by the other player. It will likely test the patience of some children with needs but since It doesn’t rely on random chance at all, it helps to develop rational thinking and logic. I still play this from time to time. Online versions are available.


Autism Awareness

I am proud to be part of RJ Scott’s autism awareness blog hop. Hope you enjoy this and other posts and help raise awareness of neurodivergence.

Autism fact:

Children on the ASD spectrum may become preoccupied with parts of objects like the wheels on a toy truck. They may also become obsessively interested in a particular topic such as aeroplanes or memorizing train schedules.

Do check out the lesfic YA novella I published last year where one of the main characters is a teenage boy with ASD:

Courting Light

Our days were numbered but precious.

 Courting Light is the story of Josie, an eighteen-year-old about to leave home to start university in London. She volunteers at a summer camp for disabled children. When Josie is paired with the autistic teenager Lucian, she faces intense experiences that are truly eye-opening. To her surprise, Lucian is not the only one who captures her attention. Over the weeks, Josie develops powerful desires evoked by the camp’s enigmatic young leader with a shaved head and tattoo on her skull.

“Poignant and moving” ~ The Lesbian Review


Enter my giveaway to win a copy of Courting Light or the second part of my London Stories series, Liam For Hire. Opens till 24 April, and I’ll randomly pick a winner. You choose the prize!

After Liam For Hire, I am looking forward to my new release, Blue Jay, the third and final London story. Out on 28 June 2019 with Beaten Track Publishing.

I support Aspie World—a UK-based initiative that helps people understand autism, and created by Dan who has Asperger’s Syndrome. The channel is a great place for informative short vids on autism.

And check out fellow writer Dawn Sister’s blog post on the creation of a character with ASD in her novella A Springful of Winters. It’s a 5-star read for me!


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I am a London-based British writer who grew up in the gay village and red light district of Manchester. I was trained in screenwriting at the University of the Arts London; National Film & Television School and Script Factory, UK. I worked as a film journalist, wrote and produced short films. I create strong characters and make them heroes in authentic settings and unexpected scenarios. The boy who fell to earth:

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  1. I remember Mastermind. It was one of many games that we played. My mom was really good with providing a variety of things for us to play with, which is why everyone loved coming to our house!


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