Liam for hire

Liam Murphy has kicked his drug habit and now pays for the high living costs in London as an escort. His life is finally in balance. His only problem is that he obsesses about the minimum number of times he has to bend over to make ends meet. As long as he keeps his emotions under control, it’ll be fine. That’s what he keeps telling himself until he meets the young widower Ali whose emerald eyes remind him of Ireland.

“I… I want us to have sex like we’re making love.” Making love? Jaysis.

I scratched my head, “Okay. You mean more kisses and shit?”

Ali laughed. “And shit.” His face lit up and he looked about ten years younger. “Like cuddles.”

Featuring Liam from The Boy Who Fell to Earth
Cover image @Sean McGrath, 2009
Design @A. Zukowski



Author: azukowskiblog

I am a London-based British writer who grew up in the gay village and red light district of Manchester. I was trained in screenwriting at the University of the Arts London; National Film & Television School and Script Factory, UK. I worked as a film journalist, wrote and produced short films. I create strong characters and make them heroes in authentic settings and unexpected scenarios. The boy who fell to earth:

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