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Watching Queer as Folk US

The original QAF series was kind of important to me. I was living in Manchester and Canal St was ‘home’. So, I didn’t watch the US version…until now, over 15 years later. I’m in Season 4. I like it. I mean, I have to for ideological reasons!

But, something’s really off with the writing. Plots move at such speed that they become ridiculous. Ted has a complete personality transplant in the middle of S3 and becomes a despicable addict in one episode. The adoption process and hearing for Hunter in S4 takes 5 minutes. It’s as if the screenwriters didn’t do a damn bit of research or didn’t care to. Even though I know next to nothing about the American care system, this is comically unbelievable. People walk around shouting loudly about really personal stuff, such as HIV status. Michael’s mum goes into the police station, announcing aloud that she thinks a policeman has killed a hustler. At least a dozen officers are milling around (S3). She can’t believe why no one is listening to her. They may not listen, but they surely can hear her?!

I don’t watch that much television, but I plan to catch up with some LGBT rep. This series was certainly seminal and some would say revolutionary. I can’t help but want to fix some script problems.



WIP and bi-week Snippet


It’s Bisexual Visibility Week! I’ve been meaning to contribute to Rainbow Snippets and #WIPpet for a while. This is from my forthcoming novel called Blue Jay with two bi-characters; one of whom, Chris, is gender fluid and they first appears in the novel Liam For Hire (Beaten Track). Their love interest Alex was a boxer and tried to hide his attraction to the same sex while he was an active sports personality.


Alex shakes his head. “Then, imagine making a pass at the wrong man. I know who I fuck should have nothing to do with my sport, but the media and the whole boxing world would have had a field day. You can call me a coward.”

In his heart, he envies Chris for their uncompromising attitude towards their gender and sexuality.

“I understand. But, if you came out, it’d have been really cool for people to know this famous, bisexual boxing champion exists. Isn’t that the assumption? A macho man like you can’t be interested in cocks? That gay or bi-men are effeminate, or some shit like that?” Chris’s indigo eyes glimmer in the dusk.


That’s it. Enjoy the week, and you can read more bi-representations (with a great sale) from Beaten Track Publishing.

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