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Truus reviewed Liam For Hire

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Courting Light


This week’s snippet is from Courting Light, my summer YA lesfic. My MC meets the teenage boy she is looking after for the first time here. Hope you enjoy the extract.


I moved towards the last boy standing. He still held onto his bag tightly with his eyes downcast, avoiding my gaze.

“I’m Josie. What’s your name?”

I extended my hand to shake his while I tried to read his name label and saw that he’d written his name in rather small letters in the left- hand corner of the white rectangle. The handwriting was neat and controlled, but I couldn’t read it. Except the ‘L’.

My offered hand remained untouched.

“What’s your name?” he replied without meeting my eyes or returning my handshake. His speech was clear. Words pronounced in imitation of my accent.

I hesitantly moved closer and was now near enough to see his name: Lucian. The letters were drawn in a tight script that broke the white surface.

I didn’t know what might be considered wrong about him by society, but my instinct told me we’d be fine. That we’d make this work. “Would you like to pair up with me, Lucian?”

I smiled because at that time I still believed if I did that enough I would gain people’s trust. Except, Lucian was exceptional. He failed to look up to meet my smile and he didn’t respond.


Person on the Track

Person on the Track

A statement

Made up of words

To put them beyond reach

A child

Their sibling

Loving partner and parent


Always the memory

Of the loud thump

As he met the end

With no wish to return

His twitching hand and fingers

Were my false hope


Today, they are the fading reminder

Of the void, with

Screams in my head

No one wanted to hear


An incident

They call it

To muffle the roars

Easier on their ears


Person on the track

Most of all, once beloved



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Introducing Blue Jay

These are roughly six sentences on the sixth page and from the six line. It introduces the characters Alex and Chris quite well. Let me know what you think.


Alex turns to reveal a large eagle with wings that spread from his shoulder to his chest. One of his arms is tattooed with an intricate pattern. Two snakes grace the other, where the word ‘Sam’ is inked among the animals. Chris wonders who the name belongs to. Holy fuck. Chris finds the man’s body so alluring, he swallows and is lost for words. He does have a thing for big men with tattoos. Tattoos or not, Chris all too often falls for some unbearably nasty bastards. With women, he likes them with long hair and sweet smiles. The femme to his butch.


Watching Queer as Folk US

The original QAF series was kind of important to me. I was living in Manchester and Canal St was ‘home’. So, I didn’t watch the US version…until now, over 15 years later. I’m in Season 4. I like it. I mean, I have to for ideological reasons!

But, something’s really off with the writing. Plots move at such speed that they become ridiculous. Ted has a complete personality transplant in the middle of S3 and becomes a despicable addict in one episode. The adoption process and hearing for Hunter in S4 takes 5 minutes. It’s as if the screenwriters didn’t do a damn bit of research or didn’t care to. Even though I know next to nothing about the American care system, this is comically unbelievable. People walk around shouting loudly about really personal stuff, such as HIV status. Michael’s mum goes into the police station, announcing aloud that she thinks a policeman has killed a hustler. At least a dozen officers are milling around (S3). She can’t believe why no one is listening to her. They may not listen, but they surely can hear her?!

I don’t watch that much television, but I plan to catch up with some LGBT rep. This series was certainly seminal and some would say revolutionary. I can’t help but want to fix some script problems.